Lift Your Face Without Invasive Surgery

Get a PDO thread treatment

PDO threads are sutures inserted into the face to tighten the skin. These threads can tighten the skin and encourage collagen growth to improve the appearance of your skin.

For PDO thread face-lifts in the North Country, choose the MediSpa at St. Lawrence Surgery in Potsdam, NY.

Email us today if you want a non-invasive face-lift.

3 benefits of PDO thread treatments

3 benefits of PDO thread treatments

If you want a treatment that instantly makes a difference, PDO threads may be right for you. PDO thread treatments:

  1. Provide instant firmness and tightness
  2. Are less invasive than traditional treatments
  3. Encourage collagen growth to bolster facial structure

During the application process, we'll numb your face and place the threads in specific vector areas to lift the face. This tightens the skin and provides a face-lift. The threads then dissolve over the course of six to nine months. Results vary and are not guaranteed. Call 315-265-7400 now for more information on PDO thread treatments.
This procedure is performed by Dr Kiri Brandy MD in the Potsdam location only.
* Starts at $500 up to $1600 for PDO session